NOTE: It seems that you do not have the ActiveX control installed in your browser which is required to access the site. Please read the following instructions on how to install ActiveX on to your web browser:

Step 1
Go to the page that requires the ActiveX control in Internet Explorer. Assuming that ActiveX is not installed on your computer, the Information Bar (highlighted in yellow) will pop up at the top of the screen right bellow the address bar. Once you give permission, the control will only be installed once. This is a safety measure to ensure sites cannot simply install any programs they want.

Step 1
Click on the Information Bar, and a menu will appear. Click "Install ActiveX Control" to continue. A new window will pop up asking you if you really want to let this site install a new control (this could take up to 30 seconds). Select "Yes," and give the browser a moment to process your request. Once it has finished, the website should load the site that required the control to function properly. If it does not, simply restart your browser for the change to take effect.

To try these changes please press "back" on your web browser, or simply go back to the login page.